For the realization of all these projects, we need your help.

We are waiting for people of good will to accompany us in this adventure and the struggle we are fighting for the promotion of peace and interreligious brotherhood in our African countries. It is a program that contributes to the development and integral education of all young people who are the current and next generation. We find it important to take care of this fragile social stratum in order to help young people in their emancipation and to help them become accomplished men to ensure a better tomorrow for our states. We thus hope to bring a change of mentality to the youth of Africa for the promotion of the culture of peace, brotherhood and respect among religions. We hope to bring about a positive change in youth in the management of conflicts by peaceful means, to see one day a united and prosperous Africa. Proposals for good citizenship and actions aimed at brotherhood and peace between religions are made and implemented by the young people themselves.