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YOUNIB and Partners for this International Day for the Protection of the Environment. To God the glory. JTM

Riding a bicycle is the summit of human endeavour – an almost neutral environmental effect coupled with the ability to travel substantial distances without disturbing anybody. The bike is the perfect marriage of technology and human energy.


The young Togolese have been brought together by the YOUNIB/RÉJEFIR ( YOUTH NETWORK FOR INTERRELIGIOUS BROTHERHOOD) in KARA/TOGO, from 23rd to 30th April 2019, at the Palais des Congrès de Kara, addressing the theme “Together towards Justice and Peace: Walking the Talk in a Multi-Religious World” in a programme called COCHOLYCOKA (Compétition des chorales des lycées et collèges de Kara / Competition of Choirs of Secondary Schools of Kara). According to Hippolyte ANITE, Georges TCHALIM and ZEH TCHAGOUNI YOUNIB leaders who successfully conducted this competition on “Interfaith Networking and Peace-Building”, it is through mutual understanding that students from religious communities can come together for peace-building. The number one of this competition was Le Collège CHAMINADE de Kara. May God continue blessing the youths from Togo and from Africa. Ever the best and united for Peace (YET B UP!)


With forced displacement reaching historic levels, schools, churches all over the world are welcoming increasing numbers of refugee children, youths, etc. Those who welcome them are facing new challenges in making sense of forced displacement and its complexities. With refugees and migrants regularly making headlines in the media and the internet bustling with information on the topic, explaining the situation of refugees and migrants to school and churches has become part of some educators, pastors, priests and groups daily work. The YOUNIB brings its own contribution offering training and guidance for young refugees in their churches.

The REJEFIR/YOUNIB mission in Mombasa in February 2019.

Bringing the youths from different denominations together, connecting, equipping, inspiring them and helping them lead a way to a more sustainable world in peace is our vision. In Mombasa, with the youths from LIKONI, a Consolata parish (with fr Paul), we were able to give and to receive the love that comes from God. Enkindled by God, we are the candle light that rekindles other lights. Youths ever the Best and United for peace.

YOUNIB and Street Children Nairobi Xmas 2018

The YOUNIB (Youth Network for Interreligious Brotherhood) organized on December 22nd 2018 in Nairobi Christmas with and for street children. Among the many other activities of the YOUNIB, the group demonstrates a unique family through sharing love with the needy by visiting them. The main aim of the group is to promote peace, love and unity.
The event involved sharing of love with children in your rehabilitation centers (Kayole girls and Makadara boys) and also sharing a xmass meal together to make the children feel they have a family. Activities of the day also involved entertainment using musical instrument from the YOUNIB ECUMENICAL CHOIR. The venue was at the ASSUMPTIONNIST FATHERS’ parish St. Monica Catholic Church Njiru Parish.
May God bless all those who contributed to the success of that day. Ever the best and united for peace.

Le RÉJEFIR/YOUNIB fête 2019 avec les enfants de la rue à Lomé au Togo.

Ce 27 janvier 2019 ces paroles de cet enfant transperce le coeur des Jeunes: «Je suis devenu l’enfant sans je t’aime. Un orphelin privé d’amour à cause de parents trop fatigués pour me le dire. Qu’ais-je fais pour ne pas être aimé comme les autres enfants?…»
«Nous t’aimons champion…» répondit un jeune du RÉJEFIR/YOUNIB.
Chers jeunes, avec le temps reçu en partage sur cette terre, il nous appartient de ne pas le maltraiter, de ne pas le gaspiller et surtout, surtout de le nourrir d’amour, de générosité, de tolérance et de respect, pour chacune des parcelles de vie dont il est constitué. En souvenir de notre amour à travers ce repas partagé avec les enfants de la rue à Lomé au Togo, nous voulons mieux qu’au paravent donner de l’espoir et de notre humanité à ces enfants qui n’en ont jamais eu. Merci Seigneur. Mt 25:35. JTM